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(Serpula Lacrymans)

Dry rot is a fungus that destroys timbers in buildings, and if left untreated, can lead to structural damage. It can travel through other materials including masonry, and therefore has the ability to spread quickly.

Dry rot will only start in damp timbers, therefore the cause of the dampness must be established. This could be a leaking roof, gutter, or even a leaking shower tray or washing machine. Condensation is a major contributor, as are rising or penetrating damp.

Signs to look for are:

  • Damp, musty odour.
  • Cracked or shrinking wood.
  • Soft orange coloured pancake fruiting bodies.
  • Rust coloured dust close to fruiting bodies (spores).
  • Growth of white cotton wool-like mycelium.

All affected timbers need to be replaced with pre-treated timber, and any nearby timbers at risk should be treated.

As dry rot has the potential to travel quickly and cause severe damage, it must be dealt with by a specialist.

If the source of the dampness is corrected, and the timber is allowed to dry out completely, dry rot can eventually be controlled, but this can take a long time and is often not practical.

J & M Remedial Services will provide a full report identifying the problems, and offer an effective treatment which carries a 10 year guarantee.


To successfully convert your basement to a useable space, you must start with a full survey. This is the opportunity to assess problems and consider how the basement will be used.  The purpose of the conversion may require a different specification.

Basements are often ignored, and this can lead to future problems for the rest of the property. It can be a source of future damp and other issues if not addressed.

An unconverted basement has a cooling effect on ground floor of the building. The damp basement air makes the floor timbers to the ground floor rooms susceptible to rot and decay, particularly to the areas around fireplaces.

As a result, condensation increases in the ground floor rooms particularly, which can lead to black mould. To resolve this problem, ventilation requirements will be included in any specification.

J & M Remedial Services will provide you with a detailed report and specification, and advise on the best way forward to achieve what you want from your basement conversion.

No only does a converted basement give you more living space, it helps protect the fabric of your property making it a warmer and healthier place to live. Pound for pound, it offers better value than converting your loft.