Basement Conversions

Start with a full survey
Basement Conversions
To successfully convert your basement to a useable space, you must start with a full survey. This is the opportunity to assess problems and consider how the basement will be used.  The purpose of the conversion may require a different specification.

Basements are often ignored, and this can lead to future problems for the rest of the property. It can be a source of future damp and other issues if not addressed.

An unconverted basement has a cooling effect on ground floor of the building. The damp basement air makes the floor timbers to the ground floor rooms susceptible to rot and decay, particularly to the areas around fireplaces.

As a result, condensation increases in the ground floor rooms particularly, which can lead to black mould. To resolve this problem, ventilation requirements will be included in any specification.

J & M Remedial Services will provide you with a detailed report and specification, and advise on the best way forward to achieve what you want from your basement conversion.

No only does a converted basement give you more living space, it helps protect the fabric of your property making it a warmer and healthier place to live. Pound for pound, it offers better value than converting your loft.
The effects of not converting a basement properly
Don't neglect the problem.