Solar Ventilation

Uses the sun`s energy to provide fresh, clean, heated air
Solar Ventilation

A ventilation system that can:

• Reduce your fuel bills
• Keep your home fresh and dry
• Provide a healthy atmosphere to live in

A solar ventilator uses the sun's energy to provide fresh, clean, heated air in to your home, and removes the excess moisture, odours and dampness.

Your central heating system first heats the moisture in your home, then warms the home itself.  With solar ventilation, the damp air and excess moisture is removed, so your heating system is working less, thereby reducing your fuel bills.

A solar ventilator also has a heating function, which lets you heat just the rooms you want to, rather than the whole house.

Without excess moisture and dampness in a stale atmosphere, the risk of allergies and asthma can be reduced.

Solar ventilation is healthy for you, your family and your home, providing a green and efficient system that looks after you and your carbon footprint.
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The effects of sun ventilation
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