Essential to provide fresh, clean air for you to live in
Ventilation is essential to provide fresh, clean air for you to live in, and to keep your home healthy and dry.

Most of us open a window or two on a warm sunny day, but when the weather gets colder we tend to close the windows, and seal as many gaps as possible to avoid heat loss. We are also aware these days of the importance of security both day and night, which increases our need to close windows and doors.

Therefore, consideration of the ventilation is imperative. Mechanical ventilation may need to be upgraded above that required under modern Building Regulations.

Building Regulations refer to newly constructed houses etc.  The standard applicable at the time of construction is not necessarily appropriate to your property now.

Every kitchen and bathroom should have a minimum of 85mtr cube per hour extraction to allow for constant air movements. Specific lifestyles and construction defects or designs can require much further upgrades including core ventilation.

We update the technology of our cars, televisions, music systems – why not update the technology of our homes?

Insufficient ventilation can contribute to:

• Condensation
• Wet Rot
• Black mould
• Dry Rot
• Fungal decay
• Damp

The effects of not ventilating
Don't neglect the problem.

What you can do to alleviate the problem

• Ventilate one room at a time by opening the window and shutting the door.
• Check that any air bricks or grilles are not blocked.
• Make sure tumble dryers are being vented directly to the outside.
• Make sure your heating system is working correctly.
• Check out the J & M shop for ventilation products
• Contact J & M for advice and a survey.

What J & M Remedial Services can do to help

• Carry out a survey of the property to assess the full situation.
• Provide you with a full report and quotation specific to your property.
• Carry out the recommendations to the highest standard.

These could include:
• Installation of humidity control fans to bathroom/kitchen areas
• Installation of positive pressure unit to loft
• Check loft insulation is sufficient and fitted correctly
• Repair/install air bricks

The standard is that appertaining at the time of construction and cannot be invoked retrospectively. That does not mean that there is no necessity to install mechanical extraction.

However, in this modern age, houses, flats and apartments are often sealed due to security during the day and this often extends to night as well, for the same reason.